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Pet Photography in the West Midlands and beyond


Here you'll find answers to some of my most commonly asked questions - hopefully these will clear up any queries you might have. However, if you're still in the dark after visiting this page, please dont't hesitate to send me an email  jjpetphotography@gmail.com

What does "On Location" mean?

On location means me, you and your gorgeous pooch will all go out to a fantastic location of your choice. All my photoshoots take place in the great outdoors - whether its a location you've chosen, or one you've picked from my recommended list.

What if my dog can't go off lead?

No problem! With a little post shoot magic i can edit out leads from your photos. Though, if you know your pup needs to stay on lead, it can be useful to bring a long line with you if you're wanting action photos (or you may be doing a lot of running!)

What if the weathers bad?

I can do photoshoots in in most weather - but sometimes heavy rain can make some pups look a little misterable! I check the weather in the lead up to the shoot and will get into contact with you if it looks like it may be poor, we can then rearrange the shoot for another date if you'd prefer to wait for better weather.

How long will I wait for my photos?

Once we've finished the photoshoot I'll spend the next few weeks editing your photos - the time this takes is usually dependant on how busy i am with shoots. Editing can take from 1 week to 3 weeks in general.

From there, depending on your personal preference, I will then upload your shoot album to the website or we will organise a viewing session at my viewing room (where I will also provide tea and cake!). Once you've seen your images you then choose which you'd like to have as your included prints or which you'd like to have made into your glorious wall art. The wait for your wall art/prints is dependent on which products you choose, but again this can be up to 3 weeks production time. 

Can you photograph more than one dog at a time?

Of course! With multi dog shoots I'll aim to get a combination of individual shots and group shots for your album.

Do you photograph pets other than dogs?

I do indeed! To date I have photographed horses, cats and donkeys! I'm more than happy to photograph any pet, but remember I do shoot on location - so small furries would need to be photographed in your garden and it may be a good idea to photograph horses while turned out.

What if I need to cancel my photoshoot?

Everyone has important stuff pop up from time to time! If you need to cancel your shoot for any reason, please try to let me know ASAP. During busy periods I will ask for a non-refundable deposit to ensure I can keep as many dates open as possible.