About me...


Hi there, I'm Jenni the dog obsessed individual behind JJ Pet Photography!

I aim to capture dogs' individuality and beauty in my images, whilst creating stunning art you can hang in your home. For me its more than a job, it's a passion!

So why choose me to photograph your dog?

Well, I'm slightly different from most photographers - I only photograph dogs! (and occasionally other pets or the odd human with their dog...)

Why does that matter? Because it's completely different from photographing people and places, a whole different ball game that requires special techniques and knowledge to ensure the best images are captured and I've invested a lot of time into honing this specialist skill. 


My MSc in Clinical Canine Behaviour also means I know how to read their body language and behaviour to ensure they're enjoying themselves throughout their photoshoot - they'll never be pushed too far or asked to do something I can see they're uncomfortable with.

So if you're looking to create some lasting memories of your beloved furry family members, or help someone else do that as a gift, please take a look around and I'd love to hear from you if you have any questions whatsoever!