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Welcome to a Dog Tog's Blog!

As a dog obsessed individual with a background in Science based canine behaviour, I've started the blog to hopefully provide you with some informed reviews of pretty much all things dog! I'll be posting about holidays, toys, days out, charity days i'm involved in, dog based activities to try with your dog and personal photography projects too!

If you have any questions about any of the posts, please do drop me an email!

April 14, 2020

I'm locked in... like the rest of the country and I'm missing photographing dogs - especially as this time of year is my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE time to photograph them! The bluebells are out, and on my weekly trips to the supermarket I've seen them getting more and more be...

May 15, 2019

This month has been absolutely jam packed with photoshoots, and all because of a tiny blue beautiful flower that grows in our woodlands here in the UK - The Bluebell!

The popularity of these sessions has soared over the past few years, and this year was no acceptation....

October 15, 2018

Well, after last months Gold award with the Guild of photographers, i was feeling pretty good! This month i scooped another award! This time Bronze for my picture of the gorgeous Esme nestled in the heather in Sutton Park!