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Corona cockerels

I'm locked in... like the rest of the country and I'm missing photographing dogs - especially as this time of year is my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE time to photograph them! The bluebells are out, and on my weekly trips to the supermarket I've seen them getting more and more beautiful as I drive past one of the woodlands I use!

So as lockdown boredom has set in I decided I needed to photograph SOMETHING! So I enlisted my cockerels - I have 8 cockerels (thanks to unlucky odds hatching eggs last year! - 5 hens and 8 cockerels!) but luckily they are a relatively peaceful breed that get on quite well - Pekin Bantams.

Out of the 8 5 are smooth feathered and 3 are Frizzles - or Bog brush chickens as my hubby calls them!

So I thought id share a couple of my bog brush boys with you :).


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